The Journey Begins follows a traditional school year. Our oldest children age out of our program and go off to preschool who in turn leave preschool for kindergarten. Our largest enrollment period is for the Fall, with a mid-late August start date. We often have a very small secondary enrollment, with a January start date. There are rare occasions, randomly throughout the year, we have an unexpected space and we try our best to get those filled immediately.

Daily activity

info will be provided for your child, however, we feel it is important, and encourage you to ask questions regarding your child’s activity, nutrition, growth and development.


of the program is important, as the needs of infants are constantly changing and developing. A positive and happy staff, a trusting relationship between care-giver and the child, clean and well-organized environment, room to play, indoors and outside, in a safe and stimulating environment.


is monitored. We look for large and small motor development, coordination, interaction with peers and communicating in the physical domain and assisting with language and cognitive development.

Our mission/vision incorporates a safe and stimulating environment that enriches the children through these important first years. We incorporate open communication between staff and parents. Parents are always welcome to visit their child, come for feedings or nursing, or as their schedules allows.*

*Covid protocols may prohibit parents on campus due to Public Health & Safety as well as licensing guidelines.

The Journey Begins (TJB) knows that each child is an individual and needs to be treated as such. Children begin care at all stages of development and we will guide them through these stages and build upon them.

We feel it is important, and encourage parents to ask questions regarding their child’s activity, nutrition, growth and development. If we don’t know…we can’t help!

TJB provides a nurturing environment where children can grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Children learn through their play and age-appropriate activities, S.T.E.A.M., toys, and developmental milestones.

Our goal is to always provide the children in our care a clean, safe, comfortable, and loving environment where they can play and grow.

Celebration Kids is our sister program for preschool age children located in South Pasadena. All of the children that age out of our program are given priority at Celebration Kids based on age and availability. If you would like to take look at their program or get on their website click the link below.

The Journey Begins

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