Infants to Wobblers
(0-18 months)
(18-24 months)
Full Time$2236$1716
3 Days$1925$1520
2 Days$1545  $1222
Approximate starting and ending ages may vary based on child’s development.
Part time availability is limited.

Deposit & Registration fee $250 & $550

Your deposit will automatically be applied to your last month’s tuition as a refund when giving minimum 30 days notice. TJB requires minimum 30 days notice for end of enrollment to ensure you will not be billed for the next month.

Your registration fee is non refundable and helps cover the costs of setting up your account and the initial enrollment of your child.

Earth Quake Kit fee $30 due upon registration

Earthquake kits will be replaced as needed and you will be billed upon enrollment and at the beginning of each school year. If your baby requires a certain type of formula due to allergies, please provide an extra supply for his/her earthquake kit. If your child uses a pacifier, certain type of cup or bottle and/or a lovey, please bring an extra to add to his/her earthquake kit.

Music Class fee $25/month*

*Prices may change based on contract with musical instructor

Music Class is a non optional extra curricular activity. If your child attends TJB on the scheduled music day (music class varies from year to year) you will be billed $25/month.

Snack fees

Once children begin eating solid foods parents have an option of bringing all food from home at no extra cost or participating in our snack program.  The cost is $50.00 per month for Infants/Wobblers and $60.00 for Toddlers. (Examples: Infant food pouches, teething biscuits, fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, quesadillas, etc.) Parents are required to provide lunch daily for their child.

Cleaning fee

To help offset the added expense of all the additional cleaning needed to meet the CA Health Dept requirements; each family (not per child) will be changed $25/month. More info regarding this can be found in the Back to School Night info on the cleaning/sanitizing slide.