Potty training is an exciting milestone but can also be a great source of stress for both parent and toddler

Many parents feel a pressure to have their children out of diapers by a socially approved age.

Toilet training is a skill to be developed, and your little one must be ready to tackle this challenge. If their body has not matured to the point where they have muscle control and a cognitive understanding for this task, you will be asking something of them that they simply are unable to deliver. In this way of thinking in terms of toddler development milestones becomes more of a burden than a help.

Although you may feel that potty training is a reflection on your discipline and parenting abilities, psychologist Penelope Leach states, “toilet training is not a question of making your child do something for you. It is a matter of helping him do something for himself ” (taken from Steps & Stages: From 1 to 3, page 50)

When it is worth it to them, they will do it, until then, relax, put your thoughts of ‘proper’ toddler milestones and achievements on the shelf and enjoy your child for what they are right now!

Guidelines to potty training at TJB:

  1. Potty training is a skill to be developed. Children are not ready based on age or parents eagerness. Once your child shows visible signs of readiness then we can make a potty training plan with you that begins at home for several days and then tried at school.
  2. Once a child has had 4-5 successful days at home we can try to duplicate your process as closely as possible.
  3. Please remember that the staff have many more other children to care for so we must have some room for potty frequency, language used and we will not threaten, take away toys/activities or punish in any manner.
  4. TJB will use positive reinforcement and encouragement for toilet learning.
  5. We will not force a child to sit on the potty. Again, we will strongly encourage, but not force.
  6. We discourage the use of pull ups at any time except nap time.
  7. Children must have multiple changes of clothing and shoes at all times. Crocs truly work best and are highly recommend as they can be washed and dried in moments.
  8. Sometimes potty training must be postponed as a child is not physically, emotionally or developmentally ready to begin this challenging process. This will be discussed with parents and postponed while at school.